domingo, noviembre 03, 2013


Giant Sand
Chore of Enchantment
c'mon, c'mon

something's in the water
besides a moon that dont know when to quit
spine waits to feel the shiver
right now deals with a great lack of it

way up in the high desert,
or down in anywhere france
trains were built to remedy
tracks laid out, at least give us half a chance

to deliver
deliver a shiver

forget age and well like some treasured splendor
with words just so strong and a touch just so tender
is it better off beyond description?
left alone in a dark room with a mouth full of prescription

Unable to deliver, unable to understand
the deliver of shiver

so you take your time
and you take your leave
ready to do without
ready to recieve

never mind, gonna find good love down by the river
might as well find your spine
the shiver

there's something in the water besides a moon that don't know when to quit

c'mon and deliver
c'mon and deliver
the shiver

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